If you are a woman of faith who has left a toxic marriage or relationship and you are ready to heal and find love again, you have come to the right place.

We all have a story and if you’re like me, you didn’t expect your love story to end in divorce. In my story, years of chronic verbal and emotional abuse led to my painful decision to end my marriage of over 20 years. Now, I’m on a mission to help women like you not only survive but thrive as you heal from the destruction of your marriage and open your heart to love again. I have a variety of services available including my signature e-book, one-on-one coaching, group coaching classes and other workshops and seminars.

Check out the options below:

Focused Calls, Courses, Workshops

One-on-One Call

Don’t Fall in love with Mr. Wrong

Let’s talk about the 5-step signature process that will protect your heart and mind from falling in love with Mr. Wrong. You will learn how to bond in healthy and life-giving ways with a man who is worthy of your love.

One-on-One Call

Forgiveness and boundaries after divorce

You were traumatized in your marriage by verbal or physical abuse, betrayal or addiction. You were wounded and the scars are still there. Let’s talk about forgiveness: What it is and what it isn’t and how to establish healthy boundaries, especially with your ex!

6 Week Group Class

Healing and Finding Love Again

In this live 6-week group class, we will cover the steps to healing and how to attract a quality man and relationship that causes your life to flourish!

3 hr workshop (10-25 people)

Daiquiris and Discussions- Let’s talk Sex! and “Biblical” Myths that Sabotage your SEX Life!!!

Read my E-Book!

Coming Soon!

I have been working on an E-Book for some time and I can’t wait to share it with you. This E-Book will have excellent material for any woman living in the aftermath of life after divorce.

Welcome to my Shop

You can purchase the latest shirts and other gear with inspiring messages reflecting your inner strength and freedom.


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