THE 4 R’s.

Release- guilt, shame and regret
Recover- heal from the damage
Receive- God’s grace and your goodness

THE 4 R’s.

Release– guilt, shame and regret
Recover– heal from the damage
Receive- God’s grace and your goodness

As women of faith

As women of faith, we are told that the greatest command is that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and that we are to “Love your neighbor as yourself” but this assumes that you have a full and healthy “self” that you bring to relationships with others. How can you love others if you are bound by lack of knowledge around what makes you tick? How can you live in freedom in your marriage, if you are burdened with guilt and shame? Too afraid to name what you want or ask for what you need? There is hope!!

Karen Dianne Robinson

Sex and Spirituality Coach

Love your neighbor as yourself. 

I am a sex and spirituality coach. What that means is I help women of faith heal old patterns and beliefs about spirituality and sexuality so that they can be set free and enjoy intimacy, pleasure and connection as God intended.

Many of us have been impacted by guilt, shame and regret when it comes to sex and spirituality and if you’re like me, you grew up with messages that told you, “Good girls don’t” and “Just say, ‘No’!” But the reality is that these words, and many others, left us wounded, inhibited and afraid. I was taught a “sexual prosperity gospel” that said, if you wait until you are married, your marriage will automatically be blessed and your sex life will automatically be amazing!

The reality is that a 45-minute wedding ceremony didn’t undo the negative messages I heard and it didn’t undo the shame I felt for having sexual desire because after all, desire equals lust, right?

If you’ve been impacted by these sorts of negative messages around sex and spirituality and you want to be set free, you are in the right place and I am your girl!! My purpose is to help women of faith, like you, be totally set free!!


We read the Scripture which tells us the most important commandment is “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” The second is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This assumes that we have a “self” that we love, that we have developed, that we have nurtured and that we have allowed to be healed.

What is the 4-D Wheel?

The 4-D Wheel is a graphic presentation of the 4 dimensions of sexual experience: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and was created to illustrate how human sexual experience is much more than such physical, it is multidimensional.

The physical/body path: the path of sensory experience – smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. The shadow side includes pain and dysfunction.

The emotional path; our feelings of love, passion, longing, anger and fear. The shadow side includes disappointment, anger, boredom and a closed heart.

The mental path: beliefs and messages about both spirituality and sexuality, wishes, intentions and expectations. The shadow side includes negative messages and judgments.

The spiritual path: deep sense of connection with one’s self, one’s partner and God or our “Higher Power.” The shadow side includes a profound sense of disconnection.

Work With Me


  • 1:1 coaching
  • 4-D Wheel coaching session with individuals or couples
  • small group coaching session (up to 12)

4-D Wheel Workshops

  • Ideal for women’s small groups or couples to explore the 4 dimensions of sexual experience: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Formerly known as the ISIS Wheel which is an acronym for “Integrating Sexuality and Spirituality.”

Women of Faith Workshops

  • I also offer workshops for women of faith that focus on how to develop a healthy spirituality and sexuality.

Workshop topics include

  • “4-D Wheel Workshop -body, soul, mind and spirit of sex”
  • “5 Steps to Build your Relationship on a solid foundation using The Relationship Attachment Model”
  • “Belonging- to one’s self, your partner and to God or your “Higher Power.”
  • “The 7 Myths About Sex that Sabotage You -the woman of faith” (for married women)
  • “How to Avoid Mr. Wrong and Develop a Healthy Relationship with Mr. Right.”